AGE: 2.5yrs - Pre Kindy

Independent Class



Our Toddler classes are for children who are ready to take instruction from their teacher and allow their family to leave the studio during the class.

In each class we aim to enhance their listening skills, introduce more independence and build confidence in each little dancers. The dancers thoroughly enjoy sharing stories with their friends and teachers and then participating in a range of exciting activities, exercises and sequences designed to develop their skills and even more importantly their love of dance. 

At the end of every term there is an exciting 'Parents and Friends' viewing week. This is where we encourage all families to come along and share in their dancers journey!

A testimonial from Indi's grandmaI took my grandaughter to her first ballet class this morning. She loved it and so did I seeing her enjoy it. We came home and after her nap we watched ballet on kids youtube and she was following along doing what she had done in class as best she could. So precious. Thank you Jenny.

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